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Sadie Collective team after facilitated discussion with Federal Reserve Board of Governors 

We understand that building out a comprehensive Anti-Racist plan for your organization can be difficult and are excited to offer guided support from experts. Due to increased demand for Sadie Collective services, we have developed a menu of services for your organization, agency or foundation.


Our Consultants

are former organizing members of The Sadie Collective, who are economists and as well as researchers who have a unique perspective on the role of Black women in economics and related fields and are skilled in economic research.




We provide research support for organizations looking for economists with powerful analysis skills and a keen appreciation for disaggregated data. Let us help you solve pressing economic and policy challenges through using our team with an arsenal of skill sets and tools to inform your research agenda.


Anti-racism in Economics Webinar: 


We offer 30 minute to hour long presentations to introduce the concepts behind racism and sexism in economics. Intended to give a brief overview for audiences who are just starting to think of how race + privilege show up in economics. 


Interested in a live 30 minute or 1 hour webinar + Q+A? Contact us at consulting@

facilitated learning

Moderated Discussion on Anti-Racism in Economics:

We facilitate a 1-1.5 hour session that blends learning, and community discussion virtually with leaders in your organization. Each session will include: 


  • A grounding activity to introduce the nuanced understandings of race and gender in economics


  • A series of community discussion questions to support sharing and engagement:


  • A “homework” or group study assignment focused on personal actions in support of more anti-racist workplace and world.  


Interested in a facilitated discussion? Contact us at

Federal Reserve

Board of Governors

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Meet our Researchers and Consultants

Fanta Traore

Lead Consultant and Researcher


Adrianna Seeney


Rochelle Haynes