Sadie Summit


Today’s financial industry is full of opportunities! You’ll get to experience it first hand with the Sadie Summit.

// 2021 

// 2022

Prospective Applicants

Are you a Black woman in your freshman or sophomore year? Then the Sadie Summit is for you! The first of it's kind, we are partnering with financial firms to host a series of programming which prepares Black women to be at the helm of institutions which shape the economy. 


Eligibility requires a major [or minor] in at least one of the following fields: economics, finance, mathematics, statistics, and computer science. We will pay special attention to students who come from public colleges, HBCUs, and MSIs.

How to Apply

Our application goes live on October 1, 2021. The application deadline is November 1, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.

About the Program

The Sadie Summit Experience consists of 2 main components: 

Coaching Program

During the remote coaching, you will be matched with a mentor in the field according to your interests and participate in various workshops and activities to develop both your technical toolkit and professional skills

Two-Day in Person 


Your experience will culminate with a trip up to New York City for the summit where you will participate in a case competition, attend panel discussions, network, and tour important financial institutions in the area.

Program Timeline

December 7, 2021

January, 2022

February, 2022

March, 2022

April, 2022 

Kickoff to The Sadie Summit Experience

Building a Technical Toolkit : Four week coding bootcamp emphasis on R, SAS, and Excel

Building Business Knowledge: Weekly Finance Fireside chats with key LOBs

Building Social Capital: :Job Interview Preparation Workshop and Mock Interviews

In-Person Summit and Case Competition Preparation

Our Partners: