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Find a mentor via the Sadie Collective!

At the Sadie Collective, we see mentorship as an invaluable tool to helping Black women reach their goals. We have continually made efforts to establishing mentorship connections through annual Research Receptions and Mentor Roundtables and we plan to expand the capacity in which we do so using the Membership Portal and the Sadie Summit.

Research Reception Mentor

The Sadie Collective hosts two Research Receptions annually, the end of year reception targeting job market candidates and graduate students while the conference reception features high school and undergraduate students. Scholars are offered the opportunity to present their research and are provided a mentor in their field of study to assist with:

  • Revision to their paper or presentation of their research topic

  • Refining their abstract to be as strong a representation of their work as possible

  • Creating their research poster or PowerPoint presentation before presenting to an audience of hundreds. 


Meetings occur on a weekly basis in the month leading up to the Research Reception.


Find more information on the Research Receptions here!

Mentorship Roundtable

At the annual Sadie T. M. Alexander Conference for Economics and Related Fields, there is a Mentorship Roundtable for attendees to meet with mentors in their field of interest. Meetings are conducted with one mentor to five mentees at a designated time during the conference where the six people are free to get to know each other and establish a connection that may last past the completion of the conference.

The Membership Portal

An important aspect of the Membership Portal is community building and we look forward to creating connections between Black women at varying career levels. 

Stay tuned for the mentor/mentee option being added to the portal soon and sign up here

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