The Inaugural Sadie T.M. Alexander Conference for Economics & Related Fields

#SACE2019 #BlackEconomistsMatter #ThankYouSadie

The Beginning

With 100 attendees from over 30 institutions across the world and 13 career recruiters, the inaugural conference made national headlines as the first conference for Black women in economics and related fields. Hosted by Mathematica's Washington DC office, attendees came together to discuss their experiences, share strategies for success, and celebrate the legacy of Dr. Sadie T.M. Alexander. Our guests of honor included the daughter of Dr. Sadie T.M. Alexander, Dr. Rae Alexander-Minter, and extended family.

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Dr. Julianne Malveaux

Diane Herz

Governor Lael Brainard

Dr. Willene A. Johnson

Dr. Carycruz Bueno

Sade Ayinde



University of Illinois, Geis College of Business

National Economic Association

Dina Pomeranz



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