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The 2022
Sadie T.M. Alexander Conference for Economics and Related Fields


Upholding the Standards:

Cultivating Economic Shifts Through Accountability and Community


Sadie T.M Alexander Conference for Economics and Related Fields 

2022 Hybrid Conference Weekend of Events

was held on

February 17 - 20, 2022 | Washington, DC

Brookings Institution   Urban Institute 

takes a village

to raise a child,

They say it

so it will take a nation to be strong enough to raise America through it’s institutions to be an adequate ally to the groups who are alienated from achieving agency and freedom.

The assignment of holding financial institutions, corporations, and political parties accountable is long overdue. This call to action by the Black community and from Black women leaders, is a tradition. Last year’s recognition of four pandemics: racism, economic, environmental and notably health highlights there is no time like the present to continue the tradition of Black women holding the world accountable.

With the bigger picture of paving a way for the following generation of economists, researchers, and policymakers in mind, the overarching theme of SACE 2022 is accountability and building community.

Join us to engage in community collaboration on how to combat these tough conversations and gain the knowledge and resources to be a better advocate for the community. 


#SACE2022 #ThankYouSadie


The Sadie Collective gathered hundreds of Black women and allies from across the nation to hear from trailblazing Black women in the industry during the four day virtual conference experience in The weekend of events was cohosted by The Brookings Institution and The Urban Institute.


The general conference program consisted of 6 panels, 5 workshops, 1 keynote address, 3 remarks/plenary sessions, 1 research reception, 1 award ceremony and 1 community service event. 

The virtual experience paired attendees with mentors and they had the opportunity to hear from speakers from a variety of fields including:


Public Policy



and related fields. 

2022 Conference Speakers


Senior Analyst,

Dell Technologies

Afua Osei - Seated Headshot (Feb 2021).jpg

Co-Founder, She Leads Africa

Dr. Aisha Meeks.jfif

Associate Professor of Accounting at Morehouse College

akila forde.jpg

Graduate Student at University of Chicago

Asahi Pompey Headshot.jpg

President of the Goldman Sachs Foundation


Assistant Professor of Economics at Barnard College


Founder, Axle Impact Studio


Founder and Director of The Black Economists Network (T-BEN)

Gizelle George Joesph.jpg

 Chief Operating Officer of Global Investment Research

hope wollensack.jpg

 Chief Operating Officer of Global Investment Research

Jacqui Patterson Headshot.jpg

Founder and Executive Director at The Chisholm Legacy Project


Vice President at the Joint Center for Economic Studies


Associate Economist at RAND Corporation


Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy


Fellow at the Brookings Institution

Lisa Mensah_large.jpg

President and CEO of Opportunity Finance Network

mwake headshot.png

Internal Engagement Specialist, The Sadie Collective


Chair of Economics, Associate Professor Economics, Spelman College


Founder of Black To Business

Margaret Anadu.jpg

Partner, Goldman Sachs


Senior Research Associate at The Urban Institute 


author of Peace, Rest and Be

Reni Odetoyinbo.jpg

Canadian content creator, marketing consultant and finance enthusiast 


B.S. Economics, The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor


Economist, International Monetary Fund

Seynabou Sakho.jpg

Director of Strategy and Operations, Latin America and Caribbean for The World Bank


Founder and lead

consultant for PopWorks Africa


Whitney Brown

Membership Engagement Strategist at The Sadie Collective 

2022 Conference Recruiters

All 2022 conference recruiters were provided access to the following:

  • Access to the conference experience from February 17, 2022, to February 19, 2022, such as the Sadie Collective Career Opportunities Fair, Research Reception, Mentorship Roundtable, Awards Night, Panels, and Workshops

  • Resume Book showcasing all of Sadie's top talent as well as ability to directly reach out to conference guests via the brazen platform

  • Logo featured on our website and Logo in the brochure

Career Opportunities Fair participants included:

PREDOC   |   Stanford University   |   Compass Lexecon   |   Hamilton Place Strategies   |   Jain Family Institute   |   ABT Associates   |   Center for Global Development   |   Wayfair   |   Berkeley Research Group

Congressional Budget Office   |   MIT Sloan   |   San Francisco Federal Reserve   |   Goldman Sachs

Chicago Federal Reserve   |   Gates Foundation   |   Atlanta Federal Reserve   |   Princeton University

Urban Institute   |   Brookings Institution | Philadelphia Federal Reserve   |   Cleveland Federal Reserve
Federal Reserve Board   |   Library of Congress   |   New York Federal Reserve
JP Morgan Chase Corporate Responsibility, Research and Policy



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