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Sadie Summit


Today’s financial industry is full of opportunities! You’ll get to experience it first hand with the Sadie Summit.


About the Program

Creating a robust, high-performing, and diverse team is a critical part of our success. We’re looking for people from all backgrounds and perspectives to help us grow and position our businesses for the future. To support our goals of having a dynamic, diverse team, we have partnered with the JP Morgan Chase and designed the Sadie Summit Program, which is principally aimed at attracting freshman and sophomore students who self-identify as Black or African American and women, however, all freshman and sophomore students regardless of background who are interested in exploring job opportunities at JPMorgan Chase are welcome to register.  


What to expect?

The Sadie Summit Program is a 3-month experience that seeks to provide talented and motivated freshman and sophomores with an insight into a financial profession through technical training, professional development, mentorship, and networking. During the program, you will gain a better understanding of the Corporate & Investment Bank (CIB), the lines of businesses within it, the skills required, and our culture. The program is designed to help build a pathway to future opportunities.

  • Technical Training: Virtual Forage course.

  • Professional Development: Two virtual soft skills-building workshops run by the Sadie Collective.

  • Mentorship: Guidance from Sadie Summit ambassadors and the CIB Black Leadership Forum at JPMorgan Chase through virtual mentoring sessions.

  • Networking: In-person networking opportunity at JPMorgan Chase Headquarters in New York City.
    Please note, your travel to New York and accommodation will be provided by JPMorgan Chase, if required.

Who are we seeking?

We are seeking students who are currently enrolled and attend a college/university in the U.S., with an expected graduation date of December 2024 – Spring 2026 and authorization to work permanently in the U.S. We are looking for students who are:

  • Attentive to detail,

  • Eager to learn and develop,

  • Strong collaboration skills,

  • Ability to think critically and analyze data,

  • Strong verbal and written communication.

Learn more about our Sadie Summit and other opportunities in the Membership Portal! For more information on the membership portal and how to create an account click here.

Scholars will have access to the following:

  • A technical toolkit through a six-hour long virtual Forage course;

  • Two virtual professional development workshops run by the Sadie Collective aimed at preparing you to apply for internships in the financial services sector;

  • Soft skills in areas related to identity, communication, and leadership;

  • Guidance through a virtual forum with Sadie Summit Ambassadors and black professionals at JPMC;

  • Knowledge on the ins and outs of the financial sector from representatives of one of America's largest banks;

  • The In-Person Sadie Summit at JP Morgan Chase Headquarters in New York City;

  • Application support for the JPMC Summer Internship Program.

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